Cummins Jet Count 4022

cummins-jetcount-4020Fast, accurate and economical currency counters

JetCount cash counting machines are budget-friendly machines that are reliable, compact and easy to use and save valuable hours normally spent counting money by hand.

Depending on the configuration of the counters are equipped with a magnetic sensor, UV / fluorescence sensors, sensor security thread, sensors determine the size in two dimensions. Due to the additional sensor and dual fluorescent magnetic head counters JetCount ™ have increased the accuracy of detection.

The undoubted advantages of these machines are the presence of a special regime of self-learning, which allows you to program the meter on the parameters (size, density, UV, magnetic shielding, thread, etc) Any new currency, just missing a certain amount of notes over the counter.

This latest generation of equipment class heavy duty, which will save you time and money by working in 24/7.

Made in: USA
Detections: JetCount 4020 – no detections

JetCount 4022 – MG / UV / FL

Speed: 600/800/1000/1200/1400/1600
Pocket capacity: 150 notes
Hopper capacity: 300 notes
Information signals: Half of banknotes / Dirty banknote / Stuck banknotes / Dual notes
Display: Red Diode
Test at Central Bank of the Russian: Yes
Test at European Central Bank: Yes
Warranty: Year
Availability of spare parts: Yes
Service support: Yes
Remote display: Yes (option)
Printer: Yes (option)
Dimensions: 24x30x27 sm
Weight: 7 kg