Edison HL2700

Banknote counters and counterfeit detectors aren’t just for banks anymore. Any business that deals in large hard currency transactions needs the peace of mind that these machines can provide. These series of banknote counters and counterfeit detectors are a vital aid for any business by making working with cash fast, easy, and reliable.

European company EDISON found method lower the cost efficiency of a banknote counters, using new materials and building a factory in China.

Banknote Counters EDISON become a real breakthrough in the market of banking equipment.

Stable recalculation of banknotes of different state, the presence of the basic functions, quiet operation and with the most affordable price, made ​​this counter the most popular and common in various companies, which require accurate counting of small amounts of cash.

Made in: China
Designed: UK
Models: HL 2700
Detections: MG / UV / FL
Speed: 800/1200/1500
Pocket capacity: 100 notes
Hopper capacity: 200 notes
Information signals: Half of banknotes / Dirty banknote / Stuck banknotes / Dual notes
Way to load notes: Side
Display: LED
Warranty: 1 Year
Availability of spare parts: Yes
Service support: Yes
Remote display: Yes (included)
Dimensions: 28x24x15 sm
Weight: 5,1 kg