Glory EV 8650


The Japanese company Glory, founded in 1918, is today one of the leading manufacturers of bank equipment in the world. Glory products are of high quality, reliability and functionality.

High quality equipment Glory cash handling applies wherever you want speed, accuracy and reliability – in banks, cash counter, financial companies and shopping malls.

Glory is constantly modernizing equipment and improves its quality. The company’s specialists carefully monitor current trends and offer their customers the most advanced solutions in the field of cash handling.

In 2012 bought Glory of the European leader in the production of banking equipment – company Talaris (ex DeLaRue).

Glory EV  8650 is a new generation with ultraviolet detection, detection by the width of the magnetic detection. At the heart of the new banknote counter are unique technologies to ensure fast and accurate processing of cash.

Key components of the banknote counter Glory (Talaris) EV 8650 SD / UV / EMG are made of metal, not plastic, which ensures long life operation of the counter and reduces the number of calls for service.

Made in: UK
Brand: Japan
Detections: Glory EV 8650 UV  – UV

Glory EV 8650 SD/UV/EMG  – MG / UV / DD

Speed: 600/1000/1200/1600/2000
Pocket capacity: 200 notes
Hopper capacity: 500 notes
Information signals: Half of banknotes / Dual notes
Display: TFT
Test at Central Bank of the Russian: Yes
Test at European Central Bank: Yes
Warranty: Year
Availability of spare parts: Yes
Service support: Yes
Remote display: Yes (option)
Dimensions: 30x26x26 sm
Weight: 7,3 kg