Kisan K500 Pro

Note sorter  Kisan K 500 PRO recommended by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the leading European banks. Also, due to its compact size and high quality control of authenticity of banknotes, banknote sorter Kisan K 500 PRO has found application in banks of 120 countries of the world.

Kisan K 500 Pro – an innovative model of Kisan Electronics Co., Ltd.

5 pocket  Kisan K 500 Pro is not only has a maximum range of functions, but also characterized by a rather small for such a banknote counter size.

Despite the fact that KISAN K500 PRO is the cheapest in the spectrum of the entire range of sorters in the Russian market, it has one very important advantage – the presence of 5 pockets (four workers, one the reject).

This allows for the two operations of a mixed mass of money to get ready a stack of banknotes.

Speed ​​sorter allows one cashier perform the same volume of work that is performed four cashier, producing sorting manually.

Real ability to handle more per day 200 000 banknotes.

Made in: South Korea
Work with: AZN / EUR / USD  – only 3 currency
Detections: IR/|MG / UV / FL / Image / Size
Fitness mode: Yes, 9 level
Serial numbers mode: Yes
Pockets: 4 + 1
Speed: 600/800
Pockets capacity: 100 notes
Hopper capacity: 600 notes
Reject: 50 notes
Display: LCD
Test at Central Bank of the Russian: Yes
Test at European Central Bank: Yes
Warranty: Year
Availability of spare parts: Yes
Service support: Yes
Remote display: Yes (option)
Printer: Yes (option)
Dimensions: 36x43x61 sm
Weight: 32 kg
Interface: LAN / USB / COM / Serial port
System: Windows