Kisan Newton

Kisan Newton – new generation two pocket banknotes sorters.

Mini sorters Kisan Newton by their functional and technical specifications are designed to work with large amounts of cash in the 24 hours.

Kisan Newton production of Kisan Corp, refers to the popular and sought after class of compact banknote sorters with advanced functionality compared with the counters of banknotes. The idea of ​​creation was both simple and elegant: add ordinary counter banknote sorter individual opportunities. Such devices are much cheaper than full-sized sorters and have a wider market.

Buy Kisan Newton – is get a relatively inexpensive device with enormous operational capacity.

Made in: South Korea
Work with: AZN / EUR / USD / RUB + 3 more
Detections: IR/|MG / UV / FL / Image / Ultrasound / Size
Fitness mode: Yes
Serial numbers mode: Yes
Pockets: 1 + 1
Speed: 800/1000/1200
Pocket capacity: 200 notes
Hopper capacity: 600 notes
Reject: 100 notes
Display: LCD + touchscreen
Test at Central Bank of the Russian: Yes
Test at European Central Bank: Yes
Warranty: Year
Availability of spare parts: Yes
Service support: Yes
Remote display: Yes (option)
Printer: Yes (option)
Dimensions: 31x31x29 sm
Weight: 10 kg
Interface: LAN / USB / COM / Serial port
System: Windows