Lidix LXD 60

lidix-lx60dLidix LXD 60 is the new generation of low cost sorters.

The model was designed by company from South Korea LIDIX CO., LTD. They used the latest innovations in mechanical device sorters, which makes Lidix LXD 60 very fast. Just sorter has featured large sorters.

Sorter is classified as heavy duty, which allows him to work in 24/7 mode.

Made in: South Korea
Work with: AZN / EUR / USD  – only 3 currency
Detections: IR/|MG / UV / FL / Image
Pockets: 1 + 1
Speed: 1500
Pocket capacity: 200 notes
Hopper capacity: 300 notes
Reject: 100 notes
Display: LCD
Test at European Central Bank: Yes
Warranty: Year
Availability of spare parts: Yes
Service support: Yes
Remote display: Yes (option)
Printer: Yes (option)
Dimensions: 24x31x28 sm
Weight: 12 kg
Interface: LAN / USB / COM / Serial port