Vama BP2


Vacuum pack protects cash from damage and theft within process of storing and transportation, and also tends to minimize the influence of weather conditions (humidity, changes of temperature) and other external factors.

Vacuum packing machines VAMA – quickly and qualitative pack banknotes in polyethylene package with vacuum and mark on sealing-in stiches title and details of credit organization, and additional important data as well.

Vacuum pumps BUSCH are used in vacuum packing machines VAMA. They provide the opportunity to make qualitative package of banknotes rather quickly. There is an opportunity to set level of temperature and vacuum taking into account density of plastic packs. Control boards of vacuum packing machines VAMA are handy and intelligible in use. Transparent covers made of high-strength acrylic glass allow to observe the process of packing.

Vacuum packing machines VAMA are effective, durable, easy-to-use and not require difficult technical service.

Made in: Germany
Models: BP 1 BP 2
Number of packages in work: 1 2
Speed of packing: 3-4 packs/min 6-8 packs/min
Productivity of pump: 8 m3/min 16 m3/min
Dimensions of camera: 25х28х11 sm 11х44х28 sm
Length of welding seam: 250 mm 440 mm
Warranty: 3 years
Availability of spare parts: Yes
Service support: Yes
Power supply: 230 V 230 V
Power consumption: 1000 Wt 1200 Wt
Dimensions: 35х50х28 sm 55х55х28 sm
Weight: 35 kg 50 kg