pro_big_tp183pGCC’s Vogue TP-183P is a high-performance apparel plotter boasting a remarkable plotting speed up to 1080mm (42.5 in. ) per second. The Vogue TP-183P is designed specifically for plotting high-speed, precision pattern jobs for both in-house apparel design studios and large-scale sample manufacturers.
The Vogue TP-183P features a paper feed / take-up system to assist in making precise mid-sized pattern plotting. The Vogue TP-183P offers all the features to fulfill the demanding requirements of the apparel manufacturing industry and is the ultimate pattern design solution for apparel designers and manufacturers.

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High-Speed Plotting Speed and Quality
The Vogue TP-183P is powered by a high-speed digital (DC) servo motor system to achieve a plotting speed up to 1080mm (42.5 in. ) per second while maintaining precision output. The plotting speed can be user-selected depending on the plotting material and desired output to achieve the highest volume production while minimizing operating time.
Wide Pen Compatibility
The Vogue TP-183P penholder accepts any standard roller ball pen or fiber tip pen, an economic feature to reduce plotting operation and running costs. The penholder also features an integrated spring that dynamically moderates the pen force throughout the plotting operation.
Integrated Paper Feed & Take-Up System
Accurate media tracking and precision output is highly dependent on the media movement and handling system. The Vogue TP-183P features an integrated paper feed & take-up system, incorporating front and rear drum rollers to prevent media wrinkling and maintain taut tension of the media from the feed to take-up shaft.
Diverse Paper Compatibility
Vogue TP-183P is compatible with paper ranging from 40g/m2 up to 80g/m2 in weight, allowing users the utmost flexibility to select the most suitable and economical materials for the desired plotting job.
Convenient Tri-Port Connectivity
Tri-port connectivity support through standard USB, serial, and parallel ports offers great connection compatibility and flexibility. The high-speed USB port ensures minimal job transfer and wait-times when transferring larger job files from the PC to the Vogue TP-183P.
User-friendly Operation Interface
An intuitive LCM display paired with a 14-button keypad places functionality control of the Vogue TP-183P within easy reach for rapid mid-production adjustments. Instantly store and recall specific task settings such as plotting speed, pen down force, and quality based on the material and design to be processed. Effectively streamline your setup times and enhance your job productivity and flexibility with the Vogue TP-183P’s user-friendly operational interface.
Vogue TP-183P
Max. Media Loading Width 1900 mm (77.8 in.)
Min. Media Loading Width 900 mm (35.43 in.)
Max. Plotting Width 1830 mm (72.05 in.)
Number of Pinch Rollers 7
Max. Plotting Speed Up to 1080 mm / sec (42.5 ips)
Motor DC Servo Control
Acceptable Pens Disposable Ink and Ball Point Pens
Max. Plotting Length at one job 20m (65.6 in. )
Max. Roll-Media Weight 40 kg
Acceptable Media (g/m2) 40g ~ 80g
Max. Roll Media Diameter 200 mm (7.87 in.)
Roll Media Core Diameter 50 mm or 76 mm(1.97 in. or 2.99 in.)
Hardware Interface USB 2.0 (Full Speed), Parallel, RS-232
Data Buffer 4MB
Commands HP-GL, HP-GL/2
Mechanical Resolution 0.006 mm
Software Resolution 0.025 mm
Distance Accuracy ±0.254 mm or ±0.1% of move, whichever is greater
Stand and Take-up System Yes
Net Weight 105 kg
Dimension (Wx L x H) 750x2170x1160 mm (29.5 x 85.4 x 41.7 in.)
  • Specification subject to changes without prior notices.
  • The above listed specification values are effective only when operated with media certified by GCC.

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